"A gorgeous record... one of the best Dallas-area records of the year so far, if not the best"

“The latest release from Dallas’ Wall of Orange is a lovely hybrid of ephemeral, 90s, psychedelic influences. It’s a joy to listen to.”

"The psychedelic rock act takes everything you loved about alternative rock of the 90’s scene and morphs it into a modern day epic that listeners of both generations can appreciate"

"Wall Of Orange with their whimsical debut have just verified themselves as one of the strongest upcoming acts of not just the restive sub-genres that they serve, but of a much broader notion of rock music in general."

"Texas based Alternative Rock, Neo-Psychedelia band Wall Of Orange can best be described in one word and one word only: EUPHORIA. The album is consistent across the board in it’s execution through brilliantly written lyrics, soothing vocals that are very easy on the ears, meticulous production, and otherworldly instrumentation. There is no other band on earth I can even compare them to: they are distinctive and completely original in every aspect from branding to production; Their music stands alone as truly outstanding and combined with the exquisite album art (created by Bassist, Danny Rix) it is safe for me  to say: if music is the addiction, Wall Of Orange is the fix. Read on for our exclusive interview with frontman Gary Parks..."

"For an initial release, Wall of Orange has created a barrage of a magnificent sound, taking the best of Shoegaze, Synth-Pop, distorted guitar, and Alternative Rock, marking a truly unique new standard to be admired. In a word, this album is dazzling."

"Your music collection needs this album. Wall of Orange possess a freshness often lacking in today’s rock music. Parks has quite the vision and its one that will take you on quite the calming journey. While the music feels boundless, Wall of Orange stay within their comfort zone and deliver a very cohesive album with eight very well thought out tracks. Well deserving of an Editor’s Pick and some space in your music library."

"Wall Of Orange "Sweetest Blue" reminds me very much of Nothing's Guilty of Everything album in regards to its shoegaze tendencies and overall warming feel, which basically means its absolutely stunning.

The first release from Wall of Orange's self-titled debut album, "Sweetest Blue" proves every bit as sweet as what it's title suggests. "Sweetest Blue" is dreamy shoegaze a'la My Bloody Valentine, encompassing all the best bits of shoegaze and a melody to boot."

"Orange seems to be a popular color in local music. First there was simply The Orange, and now Wall of Orange has taken a shining to the same hue.  I can’t say I know much about the band, but I can say that “Sweetest Blue” is an intriguing song. Some might say it’s unusually dark for pop music, and it could equally be argued that the band is unusually pop centered for such dark moody music. Either way, score one for both the colors orange and blue."

"I’m a sucker for anything that remotely reminds me of Lagwagon.  Wall of Orange has an anthemic shoegaze rumble with Joey Cape-y vox.  Lovely."

"Wall of Orange brings us their Sweetest Blue, a song laden with indie vocals, indie drums, and indie synths. All that and some seriously distorted guitars. all this combine to give us an intense, yearning track, with melancholic lyrics.

Accompanying the track is a pretty awesome video, styled as the old 60’s and earlier sci-fy movies, and showing Wall of Orange’s main man, Gary Parks, playing his guitar.

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